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 tattoo prices.

How Much Will It Cost?


In order to be fair to everyone and have a standart, we determine tattoo prices according to the official price list released by “Turkish Chamber of Artisans and Craftsmen” (TESK).

Our starting price is ₺1000.  The price for a tattoo is determined by adding up on that according to its requested size, style, placement on body and the amount of detail it has. Color works are more expensive than linework/greywash tattoos due to more time they require to complete.

Additional charges may apply for cover-ups and medical camouflage tattoos (scars, birth&burn marks, reconstruction etc.) depending on the type of work. 

If you want to ask for a price, please include your preferences in your message for a more accurate reply. If the price quote you receive is much more than you expected, you can ask for a discount, and we will try to do what we can. 



  • We don’t add any additional charges per hour

  • %10 extra discount if you choose Fine Line Tattoo Shop for your very first tattoo. 

  • Custom Design requests can be charged separately

  • %10 deposit is asked to fix future appointments

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