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cover ups.

How Cover Up Tattoos Work?


A tattoo cover up is basically disguising an existing tattoo by placing a new tattoo over it. Though may sound simple and easy, the reality is a whole lot different. Before stepping right into how, just keep in mind that our point is not just getting rid of the old tattoo but getting you a brand new tattoo with a customized design.

If you have a faded old tattoo that doesn’t look good anymore or a tattoo you regret having  then a cover-up can be your savior. Laser removal is also an option but its more costly and take months to complete. If you already decided to have a cover-up, you are at the right place but there are things to be considered.

For starters, if your tattoo is black all the way without much of a negative space, it can’t be covered with a colored design. Thats because tattoo inks are not opaque to cover black pigments with colored pigments. If you have a faded black tattoo and you want something colored on it, you can go with dark blues, greys, greens, purples and a figure that has solid color fillings or a textured surface, for example a maori tribal, a rose or a koi fish. The color and saturation of your old tattoo will be a big determinant  for your new design.

Also keep in mind in a lot of cases the cover up tattoo will need to be bigger than your previous tattoo. This is because we need to ‘lose’ the dark areas of your old tattoo in the new design and position the new tattoos main focal on a relatively blank area. This way the focus shifts from dark to light and your new tattoo doesn’t look like a cover-up but a brand new artwork. For sure we try to do this by minimising how bigger it gets. 

As obvious it is, covering up is a final resort and should be approached seriously. You almost have one shot to make it right this time and we will be happy to help you replace the old tat that gives you the creeps with a new artwork you will be pleased to have all your life. 

If you think of getting one, come by to our studio for a consultation and we can discuss what to do, take photos of your old tattoo and start working on your cover up design right away if you are eager for it.  



What is a Medical Tattoo?


In plain words, a medical tattoo is artwork used to camouflage a deformed body area.  If you have scars, unwanted marks, a body part that needs artistic reconstruction or any other unwelcome imperfections, medical tattooing can be a secure and aesthetic option.  

Be it a birth or burn mark, a deep scar, surgery stitch or any other type of skin deformation, tattoos can be used to give the area a much better look which will make you feel more comfortable with. It can also boost some self-esteem if the deformation is holding you down.  We also do nipple and aerola reconstruction for mastectomy patients and to people whom underwent breast operations to bring back the natural look of the body. 

Medical tattoos are also getting popular due to increased number of aesthetic surgeries and the marks left behind. Please also keep in mind that we are a tattoo studio only and we do not make permanent make-ups.

One rule of thumb for medical tattooing is that the area needs to be completely healed to be tattooed on, please consult with your healthcare professional first. Depending on the area a tattoo can be applied at least 6 months after you got the scar and not before.   


We respect your privacy and we do not publicly post&share medical tattoo works on our website or any social channels.

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