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Professionalism; the approach

The way we take on a tattoo does not differ between designs or people.

We are open to all tattoo models with work ethics guaranteed.  


Expression; the motive.

We also love to work on custom design requests. It's our pleasure to help

you express yourself with unique tattoo ideas.


Precision; the must.


We seek to make the best tattoo for you. Every detail, every line counts.

Our aim is to make you smile in the mirror from the very first moment. 

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tattoo artist, dövmeci
Tattoo Artist, dövmeci


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The Studio

istanbul tattoo shops

                                                      Stylish. Comfy. Sterile.

Fine Line Tattoo Shop is located at nişantaşı, istanbul, in şişli district. Nişantaşı is the best fashion and culture center of istanbul, and it is near by taksim, just one stop away with metro.  Our surrounding is home to fancy boutiques, cafes, restaurants, bars and beautiful outdoor spaces to walk by. 

All our tattoo artists in the studio follow strict standarts to maintain hygiene and use the most advanced facilities available to sterilise equipment and preserve a pristine working environment.

Using firstly a chemical process, followed by an ultrasonic cleaner, we meet the equivalent of hospital sterility standards. All tools, needles, and accessories are kept in sterilisation pouches and opened in front of each customer and get disposed after being used.

The tattoo equipments we use are world's most recognized tattoo brands used by best tattoo artists such as Cheyenne, Intenze, World Famous, Millenium Mom's, Fusion  just to name a few.


We keep handy a few hard copy tattoo design catalogues specially for minimal tattoos, but its not like we are back in 90's so you can check our current available designs from our pinterest page.


Let the best artists tattoo you in istanbul! 

istanbul tattoo



11am - 8pm

"By Appointment Only"


                                                                                                Valikonağı Caddesi Pasaj 73 

   Nişantaşı / Istanbul

   0212 2343449 


Please feel free to ask us anything tattoo related...

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